How much does it cost?

For 2024 the pricing is as follows:

Membership – Starts from as little as £86 per month (0% finance).  Flexible membership terms to suit your needs. 3 month memberships cost £1,035, 6 month memberships cost £1,980 and a full season membership costs £2,200.
RYA Course – £299.  All new members are required to pay £299 upfront to cover the RYA course (including refreshers, sometimes discounted) and training induction.
Refundable Deposit – £500.  A refundable security deposit is also required up front. This covers any damage to the ski.
Extra Sessions – from £59. If skis are available extra sessions are released 24 hours prior to the session date (subject to availability).

How many skis are available?
Our fleet will be the largest in the South Coast.  As a Sea-Doo dealer we have the flexibility to add skis and adapt to popularity.  You can also be assured there will be skis suitable across the Performance, Rec, Fishing and Touring ranges.  (Skis are subject to maintenance schedules and your favourite might not always be available)
How do I become a member?

Contact us info@theoceanclubs.com and we’ll get your membership all arranged for you.  Once you’ve had your training/induction you’ll be issued your login to our booking app and given your tokens to book your skis and you’re good to go!

What times and months are sessions?

High Season (1st March – 31st October)

Morning: Dawn (sunrise plus ONE hour) – 12.00 noon

Afternoon: 12.30 – 16.30

Evening:  17.00 – Dusk (sunset minus ONE hour)

Low Season (1st Nov – 28th February)

Day:  10.00 – Dusk (sunset minus ONE hour)

How many sessions per month do members receive?

6 sessions per month.  These are split between 2 weekend sessions and 4 weekday sessions.

Why would my session be cancelled?
In rare circumstances we may have to cancel your session and you will be notified via the app.  This would only be for maintenance or safety matters.
How do I book my sessions?
You’ll be given a unique login and password to our bespoke booking app once you have joined. Click here
How far in advance can I book sessions?
The current booking month and the following month.  There is a two-month rolling calendar view.
How do I cancel a session and how much notice do I need to provide?
Via the app – cancelations more than 24 hours notice do not use a token.  Anything less than 24 hours notice will use one of your monthly tokens
Can I roll my monthly tokens over if I do not use them?
No – tokens expire at the end of each month and cannot be used in future months.
Can I pay monthly?

Yes – from 2024 we have introduced a monthly 0% finance option. 

Representative Example

Cash price of service £1,035.00

Amount of credit £1,035.00

Interest £0.00

Total charge for credit £0.00

Interest rate (fixed for the duration of the agreement) 0.00%

Representative 0.0% APR

The credit and the charge for credit is repayable by 12 monthly payments of £86.25

Total amount payable £1,035.00

Duration of the agreement 12 months

Do I have to arrange my own insurance or Harbour Permits?
No – this is included in the cost of membership.
Is Fuel included?
No, you’ll need to provide all fuel – as a member you’ll receive 10% off at Salterns Chandlery Fuel pontoon.  Please note, for safety reasons, refuelling on pontoons and docks is prohibited
How far can I go on a ski?
Each session is approximately 4 hours.  Depending on tides and weather conditions you’ll be able to blast to Durdle Door and back for example
What mandatory safety equipment do I need?
For safety reasons all members need a VHF radio, and to wear a Buoyancy Aids and Wetsuit. Members receive a 10% discount at Offshore Performance and Salterns Chandlery.
If I already hold a RYA qualification do I have to pay again?
We offer refresher courses and induction training as part of the £299 fee.  In some circumstances if your qualifications are dated within 24 months we may discount this fee.
What is the minimum age for Membership?

18 years old.  There are some circumstances where this may be lower.  Please contact us for details at info@theoceanclubs.com

Can I take someone out on the ski with me?

Yes – Passengers are allowed up to the max capacity of the ski, normally 2 or 3 persons. It’s the responsibility of the member (driver) to ensure your passengers safety and also their compliance with our rules and responsible rider charter.  Only the member is allowed to drive the ski.

Do you offer joint membership?

For 2024 we do have joint membership options – please contact us to find out more.  info@theoceanclubs.com

How do I ‘Check In and Out’ of my session?
When you arrive you will need to log in to the app and confirm the skis condition and that you have the relevant safety equipment for your session.  Similarly when you return the ski you must complete some ‘post ride’ checks via the app and confirm no damage has occurred etc.
Can I tow with the ski?

No – towing any inflatable, person or other vessel for safety reasons is prohibited

What is the Responsible Rider Charter?
All our members are required to sign up to our ‘Responsible Rider’ Charter that outlines how to have fun, keep safe and be respectful of other Marina and Harbour users.  Click here
Are the Skis tracked?
Yes each ski has a tracking device in case we need to know your location in the event of an emergency. We also track use in prohibited areas or speed limits.
What Marina discounts do I receive?

Discounts can be enjoyed at the Fuel pumps, Salterns Chandlery, Offshore Performance (excluding personal watercraft purchases) and The Deck outdoor Kitchen and Bar.